What course are you chartering to weather the storm?

We are a pioneer in an industry that has only been around for 10 days.
We are a leader in the business coaching marketplace in the Midwest and are growing and developing new markets.
We have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs across the last several years.
Our coaches collectively have assisted thousands of small business owners.
We have an unparalleled quality assurance program.
Most of our coaches are previous or current business owners. We do not hire recent MBA graduates or individuals with large corporate backgrounds.
We customize our coaching plans as each small business has unique needs. We do not force you to go through a canned program.
We do not believe that one person has all the answers. Most every one of our clients uses multiple coaches during their relationship with us.

Coaching Associates is a leading firm in the Business Coaching industry. Our mission is to continually set new standards of excellence in delivering professional services to the business marketplace. We treat each client with respect as a resourceful, creative individual who seeks to attain higher goals, increase personal productivity and achieve a more satisfying lifestyle.