What course are you chartering to weather the storm?

"No man is an island unto himself" John Donne

Any one of our coaches is only as strong as his or her team. Our staff provides expertise in addition to hundreds of years of hands on experience in Strategic Planning, Business Organization, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Succession Planning, E-Business, Human Resources, Mergers & Acquisitions and many other specialty areas. This wealth of expertise and experience creates real value for our clients. No wonder many of our clients utilize several coaches during their relationship with Coaching Associates.

While some of our coaches may have a MBA, CPA, PHD, or JD degree - this is not how they are chosen. Business school graduates, as well as the vast majority of large company executives do not have the necessary experience. We only want those who have "been there done that" before.

Understand small business
  • Most have been Owner or President of a small business themselves.
  • All of them have a passion for teaching and sharing their know how
  • Our team have always been 100% focused on small business.
  • Are supported by a team of several hundred subject matter experts
  • Engage in continuing training and development themselves.
  • Have collectively delivered results for thousands of small businesses.

It is no longer realistic for one lone expert, consultant or coach to all the answers. Many dimensions of business have become increasing complicated with critical detail based knowledge requirements. The following are types of coaches on our team.

Planning| Sales| Organization - OD| Human Resources- HR
Finance|Marketing|Operations| OTHER