What course are you chartering to weather the storm?

Everybody needs coaching. And everyone who is successful uses one.
D. A. Benton, Secrets of a CEO Coach. McGraw Hill.

These professional coaches combine business savvy, corporate experience and motivational skills to help company owners improve their odds of success.
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Return on investment of Executive Coaching is 570 percent according to the results of a poll of executives and upper level managers who had six to twelve months of coaching with a Masters or Doctoral level executive coach.
Fortune Magazine.

A growing number of entrepreneurs are hiring businesses coaches to help achieve their personal and business goals.
Robin D. Schatz, "Put Me In, Coach," Frontier in Business Week.

A poll of coaching clients by the International Coach Federation found that 98% of those surveyed believed that coaching was valuable.
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In the past five years coaching has gone mass market.The total number of coaches is more like 10,000.
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Ernst and Young plans to spend $2 million on coaches.
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Hewlett-Packard assigns a number of HR staff to finding coaches for several hundred employees.
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