What course are you chartering to weather the storm?

You did an unbelievable job of pulling my employees together. We learned an impressive amount of business application skills and knowledge. It's hard to imagine a company that would not benefit from having a coach. I would recommend this service to all my friends who own or manage a business. (Cathy @ Staffing Firm in Northern Illinois)

I did more in the 6 months following your coaching program than I did in the last 3 years. My coach was tremendously insightful regarding many areas of my business. I really find myself utilizing my strengths much more effectively now. (Neil @ Graphic Arts Firm in Chicago area)

Our profits did not represent our top industry talent. The coach made it very clear why this was happening and helped us quickly establish how to turn the situation around. Our staff was energized by their interaction with the coach. We know our bottom line is moving up fast this year.
(Partners @ Architectural Firm in Milwaukee area)

I knew how to program a computer, but not a business. With the market changes taking place and the merger and acquisition potential, the objective view of our coach, who had worked with many businesses in our similar situation, was invaluable. We are now able to overcome immediately some key staffing and sales issues that have plagued us for over a year.
(Barry @ Software Development Firm in Iowa)